Success Stories

Read about Illinois livestock producers and practices that demonstrate how livestock producers can successfully work with the community.

Livestock Expansion Allows for Fifth Generation

The Riggins Family Farm expanded their livestock operation to allow son, Andy, and his family to return to the farm.  Listen to their experience expanding the livestock operation, their family and their values.

Pork Power

Illinois hog farmers are giving back to the hungry through this incredible hog donation and processing program.  In 2010, thousands of pounds of ground pork were donated to food banks all across Illinois, satisfying a growing need for protein for our state's hungriest citizens. 

Who are Illinois Farmers?

Five Illinois commodity groups have joined together to help non-rural Illinoisians understand exactly who Illinois farmers are!  Would you be surprised to learn that we are mostly family farmers who live on the farms where we grow healthy food for your family? 


Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Hunter Haven Dairy, located in a highly populated Northern Illinois community, implements good stewardship practices to coexist with the surrounding urban community.

Coming Home to Roost

After college graduation, these young people chose to join the family farm operation.  See how they’ve put their education to work in the field

The Livestock – Biofuels Connection

The growing popularity of renewable fuels is strengthening the natural synergy that exists between the Illinois grain and livestock industries. Increasing Illinois biofuels production is boosting the local availability of feedstuffs, byproducts of fuel production. That benefits livestock producers, while grain producers profit from both the biofuels market and the feed market.

Environmental Stewardship is Hog Heaven

A Prophetstown pork producer discusses environmental measures implemented out of consideration for his downwind neighbors.

Gaf-Fine Farms: Defining Generations of Dairy Success

Truly solid businesses stand the test of time. Gaf-Fine Farms, Inc., near Greenville, Illinois, is no exception. Now in its third generation of family management, the Gaffner family finds that the long-time success of their grain and dairy operation has always required the right combination of professional skill, economics and local community involvement.

Livestock Farmers Expand for the Fifth Generation

Expanding their hog farm allowed the Riggins Family to bring home their son Andy, the fifth generation, and his family back to the farm.  Listen to Jerry and Andy discuss their farm, the process of expanding a livestock farm, and their family values and heritage.
Environmental Stewardship is Hog Heaven

Environmental Stewardship is Hog Heaven

Illinois Pork Producer Finds Value in Cutting Odor
Being a good neighbor is important to Prophetstown, Illinois, pork producer Larry Verhulst. He’s a producer who exemplifies what it means to go the extra mile to make his property both aesthetically and environmentally pleasing. “With more and more people moving into rural areas, we have to be good neighbors,” said Verhulst. “That means making sure our operations are visibly pleasing...More