What does Illinois Livestock Development Group offer

The Bottom Line: ILDG strives to boost farm incomes for all livestock and grain producers in Illinois by:

  • increasing the total number of livestock on large and small farms,
  • improving the efficiency of livestock operations,
  • developing new markets at home and abroad,
  • facilitating new production systems.


Red Tape Trap: ILDG provides farm families individual assistance, helping them understand, implement, and follow rules and regulations for Illinois’ animal agriculture.

Future Generations: ILDG helps farmers make responsible changes to their farms so they can remain economically viable and help welcome the next generation of farm families to the land.

Public Perception: ILDG offers consumers a truthful representation of farm life and the connection between agriculture and Illinois’ economic and social well-being.


One of the top priorities identified at the 2003 Illinois Agricultural Legislative Roundtable is to attract and enhance a profitable livestock industry for Illinois. To accomplish this, six organizations have formed the Illinois Livestock Development Group (ILDG) and pooled their resources to develop a long-term producer-driven strategy to restore profitability to the state's livestock industry


Who makes up ILDG?

YOU! As a member of one or more of these organizations, you are essential to growing Illinois agriculture.