Why is a growing livestock industry important?

Livestock Producers: A larger industry means a stronger one. A strong industry gives producers a greater competitive edge through efficiencies in regulation, technology, transportation, strategic marketing, and more.


Grain Producers: Livestock is the strongest domestic market for Illinois corn. Each year, the state’s livestock eats 118 million bushels worth of corn and 31 million bushes of soybean meal.


Community Members: Our nation’s food security depends on domestic production. Plus Illinois’ economy depends on farms that flourish and rural communities that prosper. Each year, the Illinois livestock industry generates:

  • $3.5 billion in economic activity
  • $292 million in state tax revenue
  • 25,385 jobs

What is the Illinois Livestock Development Group?

Illinois livestock industry is shrinking, while the industry continues to grow nationwide. In the past 10 years, Illinois livestock receipts fell from $2.3 to $1.7 billion. During the same decade, livestock receipts in the U.S. increased 40%, from $70.9 to $99.6 billion. Illinois Livestock Development Group (ILDG) is a coalition that understands the economic and social impact that this decline has on the entire state and everyone living in it. That’s why ILDG is committed to growing the Illinois livestock industry, improving not only agriculture, but also the entire Illinois economy.


Rita Frazier, ILDG, livestock, reports
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